Flyin with the song…then poopin out!

preriding at Moab

Wow, so many people were watching the real-time scoring – then I pooped out! That was by far the hardest course I’ve raced all year. Every other course that I’ve raced this year had recovery areas where you could ease up – not Moab.

The Song was rockin’ and felt great. I felt pretty fast my first 4 laps. Then night hit, I had problems with my lights, then frustration and fatigue set in. It was pretty weird, but I just got really tired. We didn’t sleep well the night before – the smoke from campfires was so thick we had to go to bed with bandannas on our faces. Camping was a big mistake!

I went into this race ill prepared. I had no idea how hard it would be. When people ask me “how do you do a 24 hr?” I always tell them – “just keep pedaling.” Well… this time I couldn’t. I just got pooped out – psychologically and physically. Props to the other girls who kept truckin’. It was a good lesson to learn.

Even though the race didn’t go as planned it was a success for Siren. Dave and I gave the Songs a good working and we were out there being seen. The booth (our pit actually) was always full of people asking questions and even out on the trail people were asking how I liked it.
I’m super psyched on it and don’t want to ride anything else!

We had a good trip overall and got some good Tucson riding plus over 100 miles of Moab riding. Even though I pulled out in the evening, not all was lost. I learned what it will take to go back and tackle this behemoth next year.

monument valley always rocks

almost to Moab

the siren trailer out on a voyage

Brendan, Dave and Lynda in the pit – new hat for Bren!

a quiet pit in the morning

our favorite rest area

’nuff said.

knitting is easier when I think of it in terms of laps

14 Comments Add yours

  1. Brendan says:

    Attention Bloggers:

    Today is Mary’s birthday!!
    October 16th..

    Eat, drink, and be Mary!


  2. Lucas says:

    Happy Birthday! I love how you used the term “Pooped out” like 100 times! Glad the Song is meeting all expectations! Can’t wait to see one in person!


  3. grannygear says:

    Happy B-day, Mary. I have respect that you even attempted the 24 solo. I want to try some endurance stuff next year, you and others like you inspire me…props to ya. You will kill ’em next year!

    From a So Cal local


  4. moonbeam says:

    Poop or no poop, you still rock out in my book. 🙂 and Happy B-day!!

    Hope to see you kids soon.



  5. Velociraptor says:

    Congrats on what looks to have been an amazing season, Mary! Dave and I will be at the Prescott Monster-X…Hope to see you guys there and also congrats to you and B with Siren!


  6. Dave Harris says:

    “I learned what it will take to go back and tackle this behemoth next year”

    That’s how the Moab obsession begins…something about that race holds your soul hostage. I think a bunch of us solo types need a Moab cum-ba-ya support group.

    Valiant effort Mary – we did have a nice ride for this one eh?


  7. SSIDYLLWILD says:

    Happy B-Day and congrats on a great season


  8. Namrita O'Dea says:

    Happy Birthday!!

    I will see you at Moab next year 🙂

    p.s. Your new bike looks awesome!


  9. Namrita O'Dea says:

    Happy Birthday!!

    I will see you at Moab next year 🙂

    p.s. Your new bike looks awesome!


  10. Mother Bliss says:

    Happy Birthday Mary! All is not lost, you learned how to knit! Crocheting is cool too, give that a try one day. Think of all the things you can make! Now you have something to do on your long car rides!


  11. Matt says:

    Happy D-day, Mary, and better luck next time at Moab. Sometimes the better choice is to pull the plug and it looks like you were wise enough to reach that conclusion.


  12. Sarah K says:

    Sorry about your race, Mary. I couldn’t believe you were going for four this year – you’re an animal! Happy Birthday.


  13. Mary Collier says:

    What a great birthday – a girl couldn’t ask for more – a great trip to Arizona and Moab, meeting up with some awesome people, and a sweet new ride!

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement – and yeah Dave, sweet ride! Next year, I’m sure it can be done. I know what I need to do to get ready and I’ll be there. For a first year and my training being compromised of “ride as much as I can when I can” it was allright. Next year though, I’ll be prepared and I think tackling 4 24s will be totally doable. Or, maybe I’ll throw in a multi-day! heehee!


  14. distracted says:

    Happy Birthday my fellow Libra – Keep it balanced…. been dreaming about my Trauco – Chris in Tucson


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