24 Hrs of Moab goin’ down!

Well, the race is tomorrow and I’m psyched.

We’ve had good hang-out time with our friends Cathy and Kenny in Moab and I learned how to knit while hanging out at her yarn store this morning. We pre-rode the course yesterday and it’s going to be fun. We set up the pit yesterday and bought groceries. Brendan’s cooking up some gourmet for the pit with the backcountry oven. Today I’m staying off the bike and taking it easy.

I’m excited about the real-time scoring and hopefully friends who aren’t here will follow it and send me good vibes! Here’s the link for that – check it out starting tomorrow at noon!


Wish me luck – I’m off!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Matt says:

    Good luck!


  2. SSIDYLLWILD says:

    have fun Mary. The whole family sending good mountain vibes your way.


  3. grannygear says:

    looked in at around 15:40 west coast time. You were in second place! Great job!


  4. Lucas says:

    Was super stoked to see you doing so well! Hope that you are all good?!


  5. Lucas says:

    Forgot to ask you on the phone today…How did the Song’s do?


  6. Brendan says:

    Whew! What a trip. We’re back home on the mountain now & getting our heads back on.

    We had some really good times, met some great people, and got some more bikes out there.

    The Songs were running strong, no complaints from what I heard. Though Dave did ride his Lev quite a bit and said he liked its “couch like manners” the Song burned the faster laps.

    It got a lot of attention from racers & media. People I’ve never met before came up to me asking about the “softail they’d heard so much about” Apparently Cycling News snapped a couple photos of Mary’s when it was in the SRAM tent getting a tune-up:




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