On the road with the secret weapon!

o.k. so it’s not so secret, but we’re headed to moab and the song is ready to rock! My hard tail has had a name for a while – Fifi. Now, the Song has developed her own personality. We’re calling her Crescendo – you can guess why.

We stopped over at the Tour of the White Mountains and met up with Matt, Katie and more great Tucson peeps. It was a windy event, but I just worked the booth. It was nice to be at an event and help other people get ready and then watch them come in psyched on the hard ride they just did.

Now, it’s back to focusing on Moab. I’m headed out for one last good ride today in the Tucson mountains with the guys. I’m feeling strong and ready for Moab. It’s going to be my last 24 for the year, and should be a great one. I’m set with the right tires for the course and everything on the Song is dialed in. We’ll be getting in a few days early and staying with some good friends in Moab while we pre-ride. I want to get my lines down before the race.

It’s great to be on the road again. Dave got a good workout yesterday running around at TOWM and again this morning at the dog park. It’s refreshing for us all. It feels like we’re more at home on the road – like this is what is normal.

So, here’s the song before we stickered it up – it’s a fighting machine and ready to do its job!

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  1. Brendan says:

    I swear that person in the photo is NOT Matt.

    He looks like some Random White Guy extra on a movie set.


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