Interbike, Gooseberry, and the shoe-tree

We just got back from another fun-filled adventure and are packing for the next. We drove out to Interbike Wednesday night only to pull into Vegas just before the show opened Thursday. We stopped over at the condos where The Path peeps were staying, hooked up with Brian and headed over.

We had bikes at the Stan’s NoTubes booth and the Cane Creek booth, so those were our first stops of course. It was exciting to see my new carbon rear Fifty-Five all decked out and weighing in around 19 lbs.

From there we swung by the Intense booth to see some friends and I made my rounds to all of my current sponsors to thank them for their help this year. After that I made rounds to prospective sponsors for next year. Around 330 it hit that we had pulled an all nighter and i was pooped. Chris from Niner shared some love and hooked a bunch of us up with a room – i think it’s because we were fellow 29er lovers. We checked in to the room and took a little nap (well about an hour anyhow.) It was time for dinner and some fun.

We went out to eat with Matt from IEBikes and some KHS, Niner, and Spinergy folks and Team Mata. The food was great and Matt and KHS picked up the tab! After that was the roller coaster – New York, New York. We got a cool pic, but I still gotta scan it. Brendan and I are next to each other and I’m squinting and all balled up and he’s got his mouth open wide screaming and his eyes are about to pop out.

Friday was a shorter day at the show and thank god! I was done walking around. We grabbed the bikes that we had on display and headed up to St. George. Brian, Carol Ann, Brendan and I met up with Lynda Wallenfels and Dave Harris – enduro badasses – to deliver the first ever Siren Song – our new softail that Dave is going to be prototyping at moab.

After dinner, we headed out to Hurricane and met up with Erik and Leslie Williams then out to Gooseberry for a great night under a huge moon. In the morning (around 2am…ouch!) Ron and Pua arrived and Mike Curiac, Dave and Lynda all rolled up (a bit later) for a great ride. We had some power pancakes for breakfast then headed out for some fun. I was really amazed at Mike’s hucking abilities since he’s such an enduro racer – didn’t expect that. Brendan and Erik followed him on some big stuff and it was a day of tricks. We had lots of stopping and eating, which I certainly didn’t expect going out for a ride with all these hammer heads. It was a great social ride.

After the ride, Brendan and I followed Dave and Lynda back to St. George – we had a mission! The guys were going to build up the Song and Lynda and I were going to hang out on the porch with a hammock chair and grapes. They got the Song built up and we pedaled it around a little – whoah, it’s pretty cool. Then we grilled at Dave’s place then Brendan and I crashed at Lynda’s for the night. First thing in the morning we took the Scenic route home.

So, this week Brendan is finishing off my Song and we’re headed out Friday for Tour of the White Mountains followed by a week of getting to and riding in Moab and then the 24 hrs of Moab – watch for us there – it’s gonna be a good one!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. SSIDYLLWILD says:

    Enjoy the White Mtn.Me and the family are sending positive energy for your Moab race. Have fun and givem Hell.


  2. Jeff Kerkove says:

    When riding with Dave and Lynda always remember that when they say ride….they really mean death march!



  3. Lucas says:

    Glad to hear you lived through the smoked filled halls of Vegas! I saw Daves soft tail on Lyndas blog and it looks great! Waiting to hear the report! Your carbon reared 55 looks sweet! Safe travels and dont forget to send over your sponsorship packet!


  4. Geoff says:

    yeah, i must say i never really would have thought of mike c. as having mad hucking skills. then again i’ve never met him but that’s just not the image of him i have in my mind from what i’ve heard about him.


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