We’re takin off!!!

Holy Crapsicle – yaller gonna dig this! Things are takin off here at Siren. (Thanks CarolAnn for those carolannisms.)

We’ve got lots of new developments this week and are going into another race weekend – here in Idyllwild. I’ve got an 8 hour Saturday and Todd will be doing the 24 hr. That’s cool, but that’s just racing – what we’ve been doing all year.

I’m attaching pics of our new softail The Song – which is almost there. It isn’t completed yet, but will be just in time for 24hrs of Moab. I’ll be riding one, as will Dave Harris and these suckers are gonna be light and fast and have about 1.5 inches of travel. I can’t believe that we’ve come so far this year. Brendan is just throwin out the jams and his wheels keep turnin’. You’re awesome – if I may say so. He’s been getting us ready for Interbike and just crankin em out. We’ve got a bike at the NoTubes booth (I hear it’s a sub-20lb geared fifty-five!) and another at the CaneCreek booth (sexy singlespeed!)

We’ve got Interbike next week, then Tour of the White Mountains, then 24 hrs of Moab – the fun keeps flyin at us!

Another cool development for us is that I’m getting a coach. This has been a great first year of endurance racing for me and I’m only hoping to make next year that much better. I’ve somehow landed on the podium all year, but want to get to the top of it next year. I’ve been able to go to some cool places and meet and ride with some amazing people and am now picking up Lynda Wallenfels at LWCoaching to help me take off next year. I’m really excited to see what I can do and to be able to do some longer races (multi-day stuff) and to push my limits even further. I’ve learned a lot about myself and those around me this year – just wait!

So, here’s some pics for your viewing pleasure – The Siren Song – she’s gonna be beautiful!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Siren Song……that thing looks awesome. I’m really excited to see this project taking off!

    Oh….and I’m really excited about Gooseberry. That’s gonna rock.



  2. matt g says:

    most excellent, I’m stoked to see this thing in person.

    Say hey to Dave from Jeb and Ceilo



  3. Cellarrat says:

    What muti day stuff, I may run into yah then =)


  4. Lee says:

    Siren Girl

    Awesome Blog and pics! Siren bikes are the Bomb! Great new project…



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