Time for a bath!

I’ve decided to do the 8 hr next weekend.

I’ve been talking to Lynda a little and she thinks that it would be a great training ride for the 24 hrs of Moab – 3 weeks later. I hadn’t really considered it since I don’t generally do that well at shorter races like that. What I have to my advantage is that i can keep going for a long time – 24 hrs. In an 8 hr, I’m going to have to maintain race pace (really no recovery on the bike) for the entire race. There’s a first time for everything – you never know what can happen.

So, I cleaned up FiFi and put some new tires on her and remembered how beautiful she is! I’m running a meatier tire up front since the course is so soft. I’m also trying a Maxxis Crossmark in the rear. I’ll be riding on them a little this week and got a good ride in yesterday on them. Here’s a pic of the cleaned up rocketship (cleaned my helmet while I was at it!)

Dave, you’re next! (my dog, not my fellow racer Dave Harris…heehee.)




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  1. Anonymous says:



  2. Anonymous says:

    I remember dave!
    I ride too, but I pull my kids!
    Sarah Gulick


  3. Dave Harris says:

    Siren girl, what planet are you from? 8 hours a short race? And I thought I was chronic!

    Looking forward to sharing the Moab Mania.


  4. Cellarrat says:

    A really good name for a Dog and enduro junkies =)


  5. matt g says:

    agreed, Dave is a good name for beings who are slightly “touched”! 8 hour short race, your are off your rocker. Here is another one that came down the pipe to consider
    for all to share, Brendan, Mary, Dave’s & such


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