Swami’s Ride

Man – I need to get on the road bike more! We went on a road ride in San Diego and got spit out the back in the first 10 miles. Granted, this was the Swami’s “very fast” ride with lots of very fast people. I understand why San Diego is truly a good training ground – it’s the bike community (and the good weather.)

This was my first real group ride in CA. It’s difficult to ride from Idyllwild as the mountain roads are a little scary with cars cutting the corners and crossing the lines. I have forgotten how to ride in a group, well i’m a little rusty anyhow. So, I stayed in the back trying not to be too squirly. The problem with being in the back is you’re working so much harder to fight the slinky effect. It was a good first ride back on the roadbike though – I got in 50 miles and got a good workout. Fortunately, our friend Paul (a sales guy for Intense) dropped back and led the sag wagon in. It was a fun train even though we weren’t with the main pack.

That was last Saturday. This Saturday will be a beach day. Our friends from Tucson are visiting – it’s too damn hot there to ride. So, Brendan and Matt will be workin in the shop (building me a new bike 😉 ) and Katie and I will head down to the beach with Carol Ann. I’ve been able to ride for the past 4 days, but today will be a down day, tomorrow will be mellow and hopefully Sunday we can get out with Matt for a long one!

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