ghosts, ghouls and rattlesnakes

This last weekend was a fun one! No races involved – just a midnight ride (friday the 13th) in L.A. and Rattlesnake aversion class for the Dave Dog. Friday night we drove down to Carol Ann’s place to meet up with her and Brian. We took Dave to play with Mackenzie while we were out. Then we headed to downtown stopping for Wahoo’s on the way – I’ve never eaten there before, but they’ve got some tasty bits.

Anyhow, the midnight Ridazz get together once a month in L.A. and take over the streets. Brendan and I drove up with Brian and Carol Ann and took the old Sears bikes – fully equipped with generators and lights. Below is a clip from the ride along with some stills that we took.

After the ride we went back to Carol Ann’s place only to find out that Dave had an all-you-can-eat experience with Mackenzie’s food. The two of them broke into the house and chowed down – he walked with a waddle for the next day or so.

The weekend fun didn’t stop there. We headed back up to Idyllwild Saturday to hang out at home and help Brendan’s parents do a little work on their land. Sunday brought rattlesnake aversion classes for Dave and Sadie (my dog-in-law.) Dave was bit last year by a rattler. So, to avoid a recurrence, it was worth the small investment of some weekend time. The trainer/wrangler walks the dogs through smelling, hearing, and seeing a rattle snake while training him that it is bad and running away from it.

I wasn’t able to get any pics of dave since he is so attached and kept trying to come to me if he could see. I was however, able to get a couple pics of Sadie freakin out on the snake. I don’t want to test it, but I think it was a good training for the dogs.


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    Midnight Ridazz!!


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