Cascade Creampuff 100 miles and 18,000 feet of climbing!

Last weekend was the Cascade Creampuff and man it was beautiful! We drove to Oregon with Brian and Leslie and had a great drive with lots of laughs. On the way up, Leslie and i kept joking about the routine of eat…potty break…sleep…over and over. We stopped off at the biggest grinding stone in the world, watched Waiting for Guffman on the drive, and stopped for dinner at the Wheel Cafe (with an art gallery downstairs – unexpected!)

After starting the drive at 5am, we were pretty tired once we arrived in Oakridge. We stayed at the Oakridge motel, which was pretty awesome and just down the road from the Willamette Mountain Mercantile (bike shop and everything shop) which proved to be very beneficial.

Saturday morning we woke up to a beautiful day and went out for a short (3hr) ride. We got directions from the guys at the mercantile and had a great ride. I’ve attached pics from the ride, which culminated in a cliff jump and “the best sandwich in my life” according to Brian. Oh, before the cliff jump and sandwiches we stopped back by the mercantile so Brendan and Brian could make a winners widget for the Siren raffle.

We finished the evening with a big pasta dinner and the pre-race meeting at the Westfir School – basecamp for the race. John Weathers and his wife won the custom Siren that we gave as our sponsorship for the race. Lucky guy also won a chainsaw bear!

The race began at 5am and was a slow roll out on pavement then an 8 mile climb on dirt roads. I had a good start and was in 2nd place for the first 70 miles. The sunrise was beautiful and the trail was rippin! The fire roads weren’t exactly fun, but the descents were pretty exciting. On the 2nd lap i could see first place most of the way up the fireroad, but she eventually inched away. I could also feel Leslie breathin down my neck the whole time – this was good motivation. Then at the end of the 2nd lap, Leslie rolled into the aid station as i was packing up to go back out. We rode together for the downhill and tore it up pretty good. I was thinking that we would catch 1st at this rate. Then we hit the climb and i couldn’t hang on. Leslie still had it in her and pedaled away – I slipped to 3rd.

I finished out at just under 12 hours keeping 3rd place. Brian did well also and Brendan wasn’t far behind me. John, the guy who won the bear and the Siren, ended up taking 9th overall! It was a good weekend for Siren and a fun trip overall. After the race, we grabbed some grub at The Trail Head coffee shop and crashed out pretty quickly.

The drive home was long, but went by quickly as we slipped back into the eat…potty break…sleep mode. So here are some pics of great trail and fun people! We’ll be back for more nest year – now time to get ready for 24 hr nationals in Wisconsin!

Check out the picasa for more pics –


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