130 miles on the Kaibab Plateau

Monday, June 18, 2007 at 12:04 AM

Last weekend was the Kaibab Monstercross and what a blast! BrendanC and I drove out with Carol Ann and Brian and just had a good vibe goin’ the whole time. On the way out, we went thru zion nat’l park just to pick up some extra good views. We pulled into camp Friday (joining skidmark and Craig) around 6pm – just enough time to get water, set up camp, and look over the maps. The crowd started to grow as Dave C and his crew arrived then we called it an early night as we would have an early morning… good thing the Matt’s got in around 1am to have plenty of shut-eye!

The race/ride started with 15 people and we rolled out on road 205 from the campground. Around mile 35, we started a good little climb – which became a hike-a-bike for lots. This brought us to the rainbow rim trail with spectacular views!

By this time, i was riding alone and rode most of the RRT solo. I passed a couple of guys who were enjoying the view and a burrito and ran into a couple hikers, but other than that, I had a couple hours of daydreaming and zoning. After the RRT began an 8 mile climb (for some reason, felt a little longer than 8 though.) Then, another 8ish miles to the highway. At the highway, i was ready for a break – having ridden around 80 miles so far – so i took a left to the store to get some cold water and a soda. It was a mile off course, but worth it. Filtering or iodizing from Deer Lake didn’t look appealing.

I met up with Skidmark on the highway to the store and when we got there – 4 others were hanging out and had already decided to drop – this made it particularly hard to get back on the course. I wanted to finish this sucker though, so i headed back out. Part way through the AZT i realized that I had about 38 miles and 3 hours of reliable daylight left. I wasn’t sure what to expect on the AZT, but when i hit a couple of those climbs, realized that i’d have to maintain an 13 mile an hour average and have nothing go wrong to get back in daylight. That would be quite a gamble with no light, as i didn’t foresee it taking this long.

I decided to bail half way through the AZT and took 213 back to highway. This put me out on the highway only 3 miles down from the store – I didn’t cover much ground in this time, since i was just at the store a couple hours earlier – but i did get in some good singletrack though. That section of the AZT went by the east rim viewpoint, which was beautiful – then crossed through some amazing meadows. It was worth it.

Then I hit the highway and headed back – only to come upon Carol Ann trudging out of a meadow, having missed her turn for the re-route. She was psyched to see me as she didn’t stop at the store and was drinking that pristine lake water. I gave her a bottle and we got on the road and hammered the rest of the way in. Only Brian and DaveH finished, so i didn’t feel so bad – but we all had an awesome time.

It was such a good group – we all hung out for a bit afterwards, cooked up a feast, slept hard, woke up in the morning and did the whole hang-out feast thing all over again. The drive back was good and we stopped to see the world’s largest thermometer. It was 106 degrees in Baker!

We couldn’t have picked a better carpool crew and might do it all over again for the Cascade Creampuff. It was good meeting up with the Matt’s again and nice to meet some hammers who i’ve only talked to on the boards or via email. We’ll be back next year – with lights!

http://picasaweb.google.com/SirenMar…nstercross2007 Attached Images


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